knowledge tansferThe Norwegian partner - the non-governmental organisation Change the World based in Oslo - participates in both projects. The organisation supports Polish partners in the field of practices and solutions used in Norway. The participation of this partner contributes to the transfer of knowledge by diffusion of advanced social patterns from Norway (Donor State).

In the project “Motivus - Resilience and Motivation in the Times of Crisis. E-learning for Volunteers Working with Children.” the Norwegian partner provides direct contact with NGOs in Norway, whose experience during the pandemic will be utilised in the e-learning course, subject to local differences.

In the project "Motivate. Support. Strengthen. Educational Programme for Volunteers Working with Children a Report on best practices applied in Norway for strengthening volunteers working with children in difficult situations has been prepared, which presents local conditions, needs and the training methods used as well as their effectiveness. The report is available in English and Norwegian in the Learning Resources tab.