1.04.2020 – We started the project according to the plan and schedule. The epidemiological situation related to COVID-19 prevented us from having a physical project meeting, but we are working at full speed on the first result of the Project, using virtual tools of communication and work.

30.09.2020 - The Report on Good Practices from Norway is ready in English and Norwegian (tab "Training materials"). We encourage you to use it.

27.10.2020 - The article about our project "Big Heart in Hard Reality" is now available on the platform ngo.pl. You can read it at: https://publicystyka.ngo.pl/wielkie-serce-w-twardej-rzeczywistosci

16.11.2020 - on 2nd December 2020, the webinar "Strengthen your organisation's volunteers" will be held with the aim of informing about the project and the possibilities of using it, including in the form of a pilot. Interested organisations can register at: https://motivus.konfeo.com/pl/groups.

2.12.2020 - during the webinar, representatives of several non-governmental organisations learned about the goals of the project and had the opportunity to initially declare their interest in the pilot of the Training Program. The project partners learned about the specific needs of the target group in relation to the education of volunteers.

31.03.2021 - the first version of the training program for volunteers is ready. It will still be subject to opinions and corrections by partners and stakeholders, especially the target group being the Polish NGOs during the pilotage.

16.04.2021 - the Director of the Norwegian partner (Change the World) M. Deliz was a guest and speaker at the webinar organised by the Education for Democracy Foundation, where he spoke, inter alia, on social participation and involving citizens in decision-making processes at the local level. As part of promotional activities, Mauricio also talked about the project “Motivate. Support. Strengthen. Training program for volunteers working with children”.

30.04.2021 - we have finished work on the English version of the Training Programme.

5.05.2021 - An article about our project and the planned pilot "How to Take Care of Volunteers in a Non-Governmental Organisation" is now available on the platform ngo.pl. You can read it at: https://publicystyka.ngo.pl/jak-zadbac-o-wolontariusz-w-organizacji-pozarzadowej

6.05.2021 - We invite non-governmental organisations working with children through volunteers to take part in the webinar scheduled for May 21, 2021 for non-governmental organisations that want to take part in the pilot of the training program. You can sign up for the event via: https://motivus-eu.konfeo.com/pl/groups. The number of places is limited.

31.05.2021 - The Modular Training Programme is now available on the website in three language versions.

20.07/.2021 - Between 16 and 18 July 2021, representatives of the project partners carried out the project visit to Oslo and took part in a training on working methods used with volunteers in Norwegian NGOs.

1.09.2021 - The methodological guide for trainers/ teachers/ coordinators in non-governmental organisations is ready and available on this website in the "Training materials" section.