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See the problems of your volunteers working with children in difficult environments - they are subject to frustration, demotivation and burnout.
Motivate, support and strengthen. Those who selflessly help others sometimes also need mental support and attention themselves.
We give you a ready, high-quality training programme for immediate use in your organisation.

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Motivate. Support. Strengthen. Educational Programme for Volunteers Working with Children

The aim of the project is to create a modular educational programme targeted at volunteers working with children in difficult life situations, preventing volunteers from burnout and maintaining motivation to continue volunteering. As a result of the project, Polish NGOs will receive ready-made tools that will allow them to strengthen their own volunteers and thus their own organisations.
The Project is financed from the Iceland Liechtenstein Norway grants of the Programme Education, dedicated to strengthening the quality and relevance of teaching at all levels of education through institutional cooperation.

Strengthen your volunteers!



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